Furnishing AI - Introduction

The Furnishing AI allows you to automatically create furnishings for office or residential interior spaces. It is available as a web service via HTTP:

The following methods are available.

Furnishing a room

The task of the furnish method is to furnish a space given as a polygon, with openings (doors, windows and gaps) along the edges. The furnishing algorithm tries to find placements of furniture chosen from a list of given furniture pieces, so that the arrangement satisfies some conditions to be meaningful. It assembles the furniture in groups, and then places the groups in the room. The picture above shows some results for a dining-living double-use space. You can find the API reference here. The following room types are supported currently:

  • bedroom
  • dining room
  • dining-living room
  • living room
  • home office
  • meeting room
  • private office
  • open or closed workspace
  • lounge

Generate groups

With the generateGroups method you can get multiple options for a single furniture group that fit into a given bounding box, using a subset of given furniture pieces. You can find the API reference here. The following group types are supported currently:

  • dining
  • relaxing
  • sleeping
  • storing
  • working
  • meeting
  • exec

Desk placement

The deskGrid method can be used to place desks with chairs, and optionally sideboards in a repeating pattern inside a bounding box. There are several optional parameters, see the reference here.