Change log


Sep 9th 2020

  • New

    • viewer.destroy() method which can be used to manually cleanup an embed instance and remove event listeners
  • Fixes

    • Improved Typescript support and error handling
    • Fullscreen mode fixes:
      • In-built fullscreen button displays the correct state while fullscreen mode is active
      • Custom backgrounds remain visible while fullscreen mode is active


Sep 3rd 2020

  • Fixes
    • Handle initialization error when the viewer fails to start correctly


Sep 1st 2020

  • Fixes
    • Improved Typescript support by removing ES private fields
    • Fix edge case in error response from server


  • Fixes
    • Improved Access Token handling


  • New
    • Option to install the Embed API via npm


August 28th 2020

Initial release

  • New
    • Full control over the UI and background
    • Change the camera programmatically
    • Change scenes on runtime
    • Core loading events exposed