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Space API - Change Log

May 23d 2024

April 22nd 2024

April 2nd 2024

  • New
    • OpenAPI powered REST endpoint documentation. Example

February 15th 2024

  • New
    • Coordinates: Address enhanced with bearing
    • Floor's source

November 14th 2023

  • New
    • Webhooks support

September 21st 2023

  • New
    • customAttributes:read and customAttributeValues:readPublic scopes can now be added to publishable tokens

August 25th 2023

  • New

    • GeoJSON export for floors has now an new parameter includeAllElements. When set, the response includes the geometry of all elements on the floor to create a detailed floor plan drawing with style information included.
    • teamId is returned for floor responses if the User Teams feature is enabled for an organization
  • Deprecation

    • Custom fields scopes have been removed, API endpoints are deprecated. Please use custom attributes instead

April 21st 2023

  • New
    • Custom Attributes for Product resources

February 15th 2023

  • New
    • Custom Attributes for Floor, Space, Asset resources

July 26th 2022

  • New
    • new property labels in Floor object
    • Floors can be queried by label param

June 15th 2022

  • New
    • DXF file of floors now available through downloadable URL
    • new property seatCapacity in Asset object

November 22th 2021

  • New
    • new properties createdAt and floorNumber in Floor object

October 28th 2021

  • New
    • Archived floors can be queried with includeArchived param

October 6th 2021

  • Deprecation
    • Space API v1 is no longer available.

August 25th 2021

  • New
    • new properties customId and name in Space object

July 7th 2021

  • Fixes
    • svg exports for some floor plans in portrait mode had incorrect lat long bounding boxes

March 25th 2021

Space API v2 release

  • New

  • BREAKING Changes

    • New methods of providing publishable access tokens or secret access tokens in requests.
      It is not possible to create v1 tokens anymore.
    • By default, resource reads return only type, resourceType, id, properties, resourceRelations. Use /v2/<resource-type>/<resource-id/geo-json to return the above properties plus geometry and geometryOpenings (latter only for space resources).
    • By default querying resources will not return the geometry and geometryOpenings attributes. To include these in the response the additional geometry=true query parameter must be provided. Check query params for floors, spaces or assets
    • In contrast to Space API v1, resource reads and queries don't return the custom fields associated with the resources by default anymore. To include custom fields, the includeCustomFields=true query parameter must be supplied.
    • In Space API v1, resource queries returned both private and public resources if the floor:read scope was present. Since the floor:read scope has been deprecated, resource queries in Space API v2 only return both private and public resources if both floor:queryPublic and floor:queryPrivate scopes are provided. If just one of the scopes is provided, then Space API v2 only returns resources that fall into that category.
    • In contrast to Space API v1, in v2, access tokens only allow reading the same organization's public resources.

February 5th 2021

  • New
    • floor archive API
    • floor unarchive API

December 3rd 2020

  • Changes
    • floor 2d-image API uses floor plan engine 2.0

June 6th 2020

  • New
    • floor 2d image API

May 2nd 2020

  • New
    • custom fields API

March 25th 2020

  • New
    • floor resource
    • space resource
    • asset resource