Space API - Change Log


March 25th 2021

Space API v2 release ✨

Space API v2 release brings the following breaking changes:

  • New scopes.
  • New access token types and new methods of providing access tokens in requests. Cannot create v1 tokens anymore.
  • New rate limits.
  • New path to request geometry with resource and including geometry in query results requires extra parameter.
    • By default, resource reads return only type, resourceType, id, properties, resourceRelations. Use /v2/<resource-type>/<resource-id/geo-json to return the above properties plus geometry and geometryOpenings (latter only for space resources).
      • Get Floor with GeoJSON
      • Get Space with GeoJSON
      • Get Asset with GeoJSON
    • By default querying resources will not return the geometry and geometryOpenings attributes. To include these in the response the additional geometry=true query parameter must be provided.
  • In contrast to Space API v1, resource reads and queries don't return the custom fields associated with the resources by default anymore. To include custom fields, the includeCustomFields=true query parameter must be supplied.
    • To include custom fields in resource reads, supply the new includeCustomFields=true parameter in resource reads.
    • To include custom fields in query results, supply the new includeCustomFields=true parameter in resource queries.
  • New method to request scene structure of floors.
  • In Space API v1, resource queries returned both private and public resources if the floor:read scope was present. Since the floor:read scope has been deprecated, resource queries in Space API v2 only return both private and public resources if both floor:queryPublic and floor:queryPrivate scopes are provided. If just one of the scopes is provided, then Space API v2 only returns resources that fall into that category. For example, issuing a query request for floors with an access token that only has floor:queryPublic scope will only return public floors of the organization.
  • In contrast to Space API v1, in v2, access tokens only allow reading the same organization's public resources. In addition, it's no longer possible to read or write custom fields on other organizations' resources.


February 5th 2021


December 3rd 2020

  • Changes
    • floor 2d-image API uses floor plan engine 2.0


June 6th 2020

  • New
    • floor 2d image API


May 2nd 2020

  • New
    • custom fields API


March 25th 2020

  • New
    • floor resource
    • space resource
    • asset resource